Small World Coffee
Mic Monday at Small World Coffee

Small World will host this event on the 2nd Monday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at our Witherspoon Street cafe.

New Sign-up Process!

If you are new to Mic Monday, please fill out the form below and submit a sample of your performance. If you are approved to play (family-friendly, cafe appropriate), you will be notified and added to our list of approved performers. Once you're on the list, just show up at Mic Monday and sign up for a time slot. The sign up list opens at 6:30pm.

If you have already performed at a Mic Monday, then you are already on the list and do not need to submit any further requests. Simply show up and sign up for a slot!


Performance Requirements:

  1. Performances must be family-friendly.
  2. A P.A. is available, though guitarists are encouraged to provide their own small amplifiers.
  3. No drum sets.
  4. Mic Monday is open to musicians (originals and covers), spoken word, and comedians.
  5. Maximum of 15 minutes per act including set up and transitions.

Submit your info:

*Name of performer or group:
*Type of performance:
*Performance Duration:
*Description of your performance.

If your work can be viewed online, (Youtube, Facebook, Bandcamp, etc) please include a link.

Enter the 4 letters in the box to the right