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Grumpy Monkey Blend<sup>®</sup>Grumpy Monkey Blend®

The bright flavors of Africa and the earthy base of our beloved Indonesians allowed us to create a blend worthy of the name we've been dying to use: Grumpy Monkey Blend®. The bright and assertive cup is a great mid-day drip coffee. The first sip offers bright cider notes, and a rich but short-lived mouthfeel. It ends with a light and slightly tannic profile.

Tanzanian peaberry is the star of this blend. With its smaller, more intensely flavored beans, this coffee adds a lot of sharpness and red-wine acidity even though it makes up just a quarter of the blend. Our AA grade Papua New Guinea makes up the bulk of this blend, and lays down a full-bodied base for the lighter notes to play off of, while fair trade Peru adds a little sweetness to the mix.

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Tanzanian Peaberry, Papua New Guinea, Peruvian

Tasting Notes

Apple Cider, Medium Body, Red Wine, Black Tea